Mr. Nick Dowdy


Nick Dowdy is a Principal at SGGI and manages the implementation and in-house project financing structures for the development, construction, and operation of emerging/frontier market strategies at SGGI, with a particular focus on power generation-related projects. Overall he has been directly overseeing or involved in the implementation and/or engineering of over 3 GW of energy projects, as well as a portfolio of real estate and infrastructure-related developments globally. Given that SGGI does not directly raise funding from investors or Limited Partners (LPs) and therefore is not subservient to outside interests, this allows Nick to pursue his passion of seeking and capitalizing on contrarian and unconventional opportunities.

Nick is the also a founding member of Scarlet Fire Power, a global energy development and project implementation firm. He previously had been leading the power generation investments arm for a boutique private equity firm, GCT Anchor Fund. Prior to that, Nick was based for over 5 years in Shanghai, China with an American solar energy engineering services firm. Nick has a degree in International Economics from the Univ. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and speaks English, Spanish and Mandarin.