Joint Venture Opportunities

Global Commitments

SGGI is committed to serving our partners globally through joint venture opportunities and supporting projects globally that will provide inclusive economic growth and create jobs in developing countries.

Strategically Deploying Our Capital

SGGI Holdings LTD activities include investing in industry-leading project endeavors. Industry-leading projects require dedication, persistence, and a commitment to excellence.

We Turn Ideas into Reality

SGGI provides expertise and opportunities to turn global projects ranging from energy, mining, oil, hotel development, and infrastructure into reality.

SGGI’s Mission

We are devoted to investing in, building, and maintaining industry-leading project endeavors. To do this we must maintain long term value and competitiveness as we invest in the long run and thrive both in good times and bad times. Our success will allow us to help build economies and communities around the world.

Industries We Serve

Hotel & Resort

Road & Infrastructure Development

Manufacturing & Supply Chain

Power Generation (Legacy & Renewable)

Prefabricated Housing

Global Agriculture

Telecom & IT